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Congratulations to Cynthia, the winner of the TCL Vibe alarm clock from our Back to School Giveaway Contest.  She wrote: Would love this for my daughter! We hope your daughter loves it and has a great […]

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I have a confession: I love mistakes.  I love when kids make them, I love when parents make them, and I even love when I make them, too!   As hard as it is for a […]

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It’s almost time to go back to school… which means getting back in the routine of early morning wake-ups!  Vibrating alarm clocks are a great solution for people with hearing loss, and Harris Communications has […]

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Last night, the children’s news program Nick News with Linda Ellerbee was all about kids who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The program featured stories from five different tweens/teens who represented a variety of […]

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If you’re looking for our Ultimate College Guide for university students or high schoolers with hearing loss considering post-secondary education, click HERE.  If you’re interested in information for preschool through high school students with hearing […]

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About seven years ago, I received an email from a deaf mother, which was sent through this website, Cochlear Implant Online.  She told me that she grew up learning to speak and communicate in sign […]

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Thank you to everyone who entered our 8,000 Fans MEGA GIVEAWAY Contest, and thank you to our great sponsors, Hearing Henry and TheBeBopShop. Congratulations to our winners: Michelle and Sonia won headbands from Hearing Henry. Mollie […]

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8,000 Fans-2

  Can you believe it was only back in February 2014 when we hit 7,000 fans on our Facebook page?  Now, just five short months later, we’re at the 8,000 mark!  That’s 8,000 parents, CI […]

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