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Congratulations!  You (or your child) are on your way home from a successful cochlear implant surgery.  What now?  Here are some tips to make recovery as smooth and comfortable as possible.   First and foremost: […]

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Here are some of the questions I hear most frequently regarding students with hearing loss and their education, from preschool to college graduation and beyond!   Do students with hearing loss have to go to special […]

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There are a lot of reasons, research, and rationale to support the need for bilateral amplification for people with hearing loss.  It’s pretty much a “given” at this point in our field, though, sadly, there are still […]

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Many auditory verbal techniques are not rocket science.  They’re simple suggestions and tweaks to your everyday routines — little changes that can make a BIG difference in your child’s ability to listen and talk.  What’s […]

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Testing and evaluations bring up many emotions in parents and children alike.  Used well, a comprehensive evaluation provides a measure of the child’s progress and a road map for the way forward.  But how are […]

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I often hear from frustrated parents, “My child knows A, my child knows B, so why on earth can’t she make a sentence with A and B together?  I’m pulling my hair out!”  Moving from […]

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A lot of attention in the AVT world is focused on infants and toddlers — detecting hearing loss at birth, fitting them hearing technology ASAP, and getting their families off to a running start with listening and […]

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Hearing technology can provide incredible access to sound for speech, language, cognitive, and social development.  However, one of the most basic reasons people choose hearing aids, cochlear implants, or Baha devices for themselves or for […]

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