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At Euro-CIU, a big cochlear implant conference in Budapest, Hungary, Cochlear presented their new Aqua+, a new version of Aqua Accessory and Advanced Bionics presented their Aqua Accessory that will be known as Aqua Case. […]

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We’ve written quite a bit about how to appeal to your insurance for a cochlear implant -upgrade- new processor, but what if the insurance company turns you down before you even get out of the […]

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Check out this very exciting article about a deaf baby being able to hear before he is born. LOS ANGELES, California (AP) – Expecting parents find out that their unborn child is going to be […]

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Cochlear’s Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is now available for upgrade to Nucleus 24 recipients.  Cochlear’s website has all the info about upgrading to the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor, and it includes information about the insurance […]

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Even hearing babies don’t talk at this age.  Why does a child with hearing loss need “speech”?   I hear this from strangers, parents, grandparents, doctors, and state early intervention coordinators alike.  Most people can […]

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Congratulations to Anna Ikegami, who won a free cochlear implant awareness t-shirt by entering our contest in honor of the CIO Facebook page reaching a whopping 7,000 fans!  Anna, watch your email for a message […]

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Imagine a sapling in a tiny greenhouse. The greenhouse is a small, protective place for new plants.  The elements are controlled, the four walls all around block out the noise, and little plants are perfectly […]

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stairway to success #3

How do we take a new listener from hearing beeps at their cochlear implant activation to enjoying the whole wide world of sound? Well, if you remember how to eat an elephant, it’s not so […]

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