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On your mark… get set… go! In a track and field competition, runners race around the track, jumping hurdle after hurdle in an attempt to be the first to the finish line.  It’s an incredible […]

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Yesterday, Rachel shared some exciting news about her upcoming service in the Peace Corps.  Just as she will be moving to a new country, I have, too!  My husband and I recently relocated to Toronto, Canada, but […]

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Rachel’s Update

I have some exciting personal news to share with the community. The video is closed caption. Just click on “CC.”*     Elizabeth also has some exciting news to share too. Please stay tuned. *If […]

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Congratulations to Cynthia, the winner of the TCL Vibe alarm clock from our Back to School Giveaway Contest.  She wrote: Would love this for my daughter! We hope your daughter loves it and has a great […]

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I have a confession: I love mistakes.  I love when kids make them, I love when parents make them, and I even love when I make them, too!   As hard as it is for a […]

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It’s almost time to go back to school… which means getting back in the routine of early morning wake-ups!  Vibrating alarm clocks are a great solution for people with hearing loss, and Harris Communications has […]

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Last night, the children’s news program Nick News with Linda Ellerbee was all about kids who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The program featured stories from five different tweens/teens who represented a variety of […]

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If you’re looking for our Ultimate College Guide for university students or high schoolers with hearing loss considering post-secondary education, click HERE.  If you’re interested in information for preschool through high school students with hearing […]

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