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Emma’s Story

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Mary-Beth, Emma’s mother, created an adorable video clip of Emma speaking and also listening to her mom.  I got to know Mary-Beth through CI Circle about two years ago, and she was my inspiration in creating cochlear implant awareness merchandise as she started creating some incredible designs, which are worn by several moms, dads, CI users, and siblings of CI users around the world!  In fact, her alma mater is the same university where I am currently attending!

Mary-Beth was generous to share her story about her daughter and a video of her:

Emma was born with a genetic disorder called Connexin 26 which causes hearing loss or in her case, complete deafness. Ironically, Emma passed her newborn hearing screeningin the hospital. Unfortunately we did not discover she was deaf or that it was due to Connexin 26 until she was 18 months old. After many tests and a lot of research we chose to have a cochlear implant surgically implanted in Emma’s right ear in May of 2005. It is a very invasive surgery but it was the only way she would be able to hear.   She continues to have extensive Auditory Verbal therapy so her language can catch up to her chronological age. On November 1, 2007 she had surgery on her left ear and is now hearing in stereo!

A proud day in the Goodwin home was on the first day of school in 2008. Emma entered into mainstream kindergarten with normal hearing peers! No special school, fully oral and doing very well!

In 2001 I was married to an old high school friend. Shortly there after we decided to do what I consider to be the most selfish act anyone can do; have a baby because it is what we wanted. We were honored to be given a girl in December of 2002. So from that moment, it then became our sole responsibility to be completely selfless and provide for her in the best way we can.

Some would think our lives changed forever the day we discovered our daughter was deaf. It did change, but for the better the day she was born, deaf or not. Because on that day, the reason for our existence sat before us, beautiful and perfect. And although I consider myself a very successful in my career, she is what inspires me in all that I do. She is my true success. She is a gift.

Rachel’s Note:  I also have to add that Emma has a six month old brother, Harrison, who was also born deaf and will be receiving cochlear implants at the age of 12 months.  Emma will be a great role model for Harrison!

Here is Emma’s video!



April 22, 2009 at 12:14 am

rachel this video isn’t working on here or at but it is working at the youtube origin but i cannot hear it without my CI. i’m too tired to listen with it, but she’s soo cute! :)



April 22, 2009 at 7:03 am

Hi Lindsey,

It is working. Try it again today or restarting your browser.