Jennifer’s Story

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Jennifer grew up utilizing hearing aids and then received a cochlear implant in 2002 and has noticed a huge difference in the quality of hearing.  She is good friends with Monique and both attended the Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children.  Their parents are also good friends and share the same outlook that they can learn to talk and listen.  Here is Jennifer’s story:

I am 27 years old and currently living in Brisbane, Australia, I’ve been here for over a year now.

I was born in England and moved to Rockland, Ontario at 10 months. I was fitted with hearing aids in both ears, originally profoundly deaf.  I had a speech therapist from age one to six.  At the age of five, I lost total hearing in my left ear for no reason and had to make do with whatever hearing I had left in my right ear. My family moved to Vancouver when I was six years old.

I attended Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children until I was mainstreamed to my local elementary school. I attended my local high school as well and Langara College for 3 years getting a diploma in Recreation Management.

At 21 and attending college, I started losing hearing in my right ear and it was quite noticeable in my family. I thought the hearing aid was breaking down and the audiologist tested it but it was working perfectly. It must be me so I had a hearing test done and I failed miserably.

After talking it over with my parents, I decided to have the cochlear implant as I had nothing to lose anyways. Having good and bad days with the hearing aid was definitely not a great quality of life!

After the surgery, I experienced severe vertigo for about a month which was not quite pleasant! I had to take time off from my job at a restaurant to recover. After I was switched on, I heard things that I never heard before and everything sounded different! I had to ask my family to point out what sound it was when I was hearing for the first time like a bird chirping, lawn mower, dishes clattering, door creaking, etc.

It been over 7 years now (March 2002) and I don’t regret that decision. Since then, it gave me confidence to travel on my own to foreign countries and also living in a different country! I moved to Australia in January 2008 and am thinking about making it permanent.

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