Mary’s and Charles’ Story

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When someone is deaf due to a recessive gene and marries someone who has normal hearing, one would think that their children would have normal hearing, right?  Well, this was not the case with one family whom I met at a couple of AGBell events.  Mary whose deafness was caused by Connexin 26, a recessive genetic mutation, married a man who hears normally, and they have two children.  Their daughter, who is seven years old, hears normally, but their son, who is four years old, was born profoundly deaf!  Apparently, her husband is a carrier for Connexin 26!  “It is just an amazing coincidence that I married a carrier!” said Mary.  I filmed Mary speaking about her upbringings as a person who happens to be born deaf and learned to speak, and she also spoke about getting a cochlear implant later in her life.  Of course, she also spoke about her son.  I also filmed her adorable son, and what’s amazing about her son is that, when I filmed him, I was standing BEHIND him while we were speaking to each other.  This is a testament that cochlear implants are a powerful technology and that many cochlear implant users can have conversations without lipreading.

1 Comment

Deaf Person

February 11, 2010 at 8:18 am

I know Mary from the time when we were at the University of Rochester before she transferred to another university. We just got into contact again after many years.

Before I got into contact with her, I didn’t realize that it was Mary the first time I viewed the video!