Will’s Story

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Last May, when I was at AGBell’s Talk, Walk, Run event, I met an adorable boy who is hearing bilaterally with cochlear implants. He and his mom were delighted to share their story.

We learned of Will’s hearing loss after a routine hearing check after the insertion of ear tubes for ear infections.  It was determined that he was profoundly deaf on the right and had a moderate to severe loss on the left.  He was fitted with a hearing aid and we began intensive speech therapy.  He was doing very well aquiring speech and language until age 5.  He was at the Atlanta Speech School at that time and it was determined that he was losing his remaining hearing.  He became a candidate for cochlear implantation and received his first implant at that time.  He loved his implant!  He begin asking for one on the other side and was implanted bilaterally the following year.

He is mainstreamed in a private school and continues to do very well.  Despite some frustrations like not being able to communicate with other kids in the pool or other water activities he is very happy with his implants.

We did genetic testing and could not find a cause for his deafness.


September 1, 2009 at 11:52 am

Thank you so much for sharing this! I just love seeing older kids with CIs and hearing how clear their speech is and how normal their lives are! I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I’m not amazed by this wonderful technology!


September 30, 2009 at 9:46 pm

What an awesome story! Thanks for showing this! It is amazing how cochlear implants have changed this boy’s life! His speech is very impressive!