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Advanced Bionics HiRes 90K Cochlear Implants Receive FDA Approval to Return to US Markets

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Today (9/13/2011), Sonova, the parent company of Advanced Bionics, announced that they have received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to reintroduce their HiRes 90K cochlear implants to the market.  The implants, which were recalled in November 2010, will re-enter the US market as well as markets worldwide.  See the full press release from Sonova HERE.

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Elizabeth Rosenzweig MS CCC-SLP LSLS Cert. AVT is a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist. She provides auditory verbal therapy, aural rehabilitation, IEP advocacy, consultation, and LSLS mentoring for clients around the world via teletherapy. You can learn more about Elizabeth's services on her Website or Facebook.

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October 12, 2011 at 1:35 am

[...] Advanced Bionics received FDA approval to reenter the US market after it was recalled in November 2010.  Their website also launched pictures of the Neptune, a swimmable bodyworn processor that is awaiting FDA approval. [...]