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Written by Crystine Kim There are many things that we will always learn in our everyday life. But for me, my deafness has taught me many things while I was growing up.  I can’t forget these lessons […]

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Nucleus 6_0003

Written by Crystine Kim On November 20, 2013, just two days before my 21st birthday, I had an appointment at John Tracy Clinic to upgrade to the Nucleus® 6 Sound Processors.  I first received my […]

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Written by Crystine Kim “Listen to Your Heart”, an award-winning independent film, presents a tearjerker and romantic storyline and a deaf character who eventually receives a cochlear implant.  Watching the film makes me cry, laugh […]

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Written by Rachel Dubin Since approximately 2008, I’ve been called up for jury duty every two years like clockwork.  Every time, I’ve dutifully reported to the courthouse at the appointed time, summons and juror badge […]

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Written by Lisa Joiner As a young woman in college, I majored in Deaf Education. I had seen a musical production at another college where the songs were in sign language. I thought it beautiful. […]

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Written by Lesley Miller A few months back, I had the privilege of participating in a Clinical Trial for the Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor. I have bilateral Freedom™ (CI24RE) cochlear implants, but only my right […]

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by Wendy Cheng The Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss is an unique community comprised of adult musicians with hearing loss, music educators and individuals in the hearing health industry who are interested in […]

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Written by Esteban Montenegro The Neptune™ waterproof sound processor from Advanced Bionics has already debuted in Costa Rica, surprising the public when it premiered on November 1st and 2nd, 2012 in San Jose. This was achieved […]