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Happy New Year Everyone! It is hard for me to believe that I have just finished my first semester of college. So much has changed since I started college back in late August. About two […]

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LOFT (Leadership Opportunities for Teens) is a fantastic summer program for teens with hearing loss.  It was founded in 1996 by two Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf (AGBell) members, Ken Levinson, a cochlear implant […]

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I wrote an essay for my high school’s Martin Luther King essay contest.  We had to choose a hero who resembles Martin Luther King.  I chose Graeme Clark. For a long time the world was […]

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The other day at school I met a girl who has hearing aids. She could hear perfectly fine but was using sign language. I asked her why she was signing when she can speak perfectly […]

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Well now Rachel has just left for Peru. So good luck to Rachel. As for me,  my summer will soon be over for me. When I go back to school I will be using my […]

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Hello I’m Jessica. I’ll be one of the writers for this website. So, here is my first post. For anybody who is thinking of getting a second implant. I personally think it’s a great idea […]