Charlotte’s Story

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Charlotte is a cochlear implant recipient who is from the UK.  She was born profoundly deaf and grew up with hearing aids.  She received her cochlear implant at the age of 30 years old.

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November 21, 2012 at 3:27 am

i am a cochlear implant user for 7 years now,and still struggling to hear what people are saying,its ok in a quiet room on one to one person,even though that person is very rough sounding,when you are with scientist in quiet room doing mappings,they speak very clearly,im sure they are taught to do that,its ok,as soon as you leave room,wow!! its different story when you hear all distorted voices and noises,thats when you get the feeling its hopeless but you dont want to go back in,you just want get home and tear the damm thing out,i used to hear when i had hearing aids,hearing aids in my mind are superiour to c.i…why ?? hearing aids take sound and transmit it to middle ear,which you could tell difference in sounds,speech, noises,everday sounds,cochlear take sound and transmit sound through coil to cochlear ,which is electronic sounds, you have cochlear as last resort,but cochlear may transmit sounds to cochlear not in same way as hearing aids,cochlear sounds are totaly different altogether, sounds through cochlear are rough sounds never anywhere near as hearing aids,and it do’nt matter how many times you have mappings done it does not resolve true sounds,ok you will never get your hearing back to normal but through all this,its a breakthrough to hearing something you may either wish you had or never had done,i have yet to meet someone with c.i.who can hear better than me in all sorts of environments,there is a lot of contraversy on sites promoting c.i.saying it has made a difference to people who are deaf,of course it has, like myself i hear a lot of which i dont want to hear,like hearing muffled sounds that i dont want to hear,cant use telephone,cant make out what they say on tv,unless i have subtitles on,cant make out music,even they will tell you learn to lip read,learn sign lanuage to help yourself to cope with c.i.,which of course that none of the staff or doctors/surgeons at any deaf clinic or c.i.clinic that i have been to,which i have often asked,do you sign lanuage,answer i get from them is sorry i meant to but no.hope this helps from fed up c.i.user.