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#CITalk on Twitter – Sunday, October 28th!

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Cochlear Implant Online is bringing back #CITalk after a long hiatus!

WHAT: Cochlear Implant Talk (#CITalk) – Twitter chat with a new topic each session.

WHEN: Sunday, October 28th 3 PM EST/ 8 PM London / Mondays , 7 AM Sydney

WHERE: On Twitter! Search for the hashtag #CITalk or click here.

The topic will be “Schools.”  We will be doing a giveaway contest during the chat!  Every person who participates in the chat will be automatically entered in a drawing for a FREE T-shirt from our shop.


For those who are new to Twitter, this is the way the chat will work:

1. Search for the hashtag #CITalk or click here to to go to the chat page.

2. Be on the look out for 5 questions from Cochlear Implant Online’s Twitter - @CochlearImplant.

3. We will be asking 5 questions, one each about every ten minutes.

4. Answer the questions.  When answering the questions, it is imperative that you include “#CITalk” in your tweet so that your tweet will show up in the chat.  Also include A and the number proceeding to the question so we will know to which questions you are responding.  Here are examples:

Cochlear Implant Online asks on Twitter: ”Q1. When did you first receive your cochlear implant? #CITalk”

A person responds: “A1. December 1989 #CITalk”

Cochlear Implant Online asks on Twitter: ”Q2. Do you hear with one cochlear implant or two cochlear implants? #CITalk”

A person responds: ”A2. Two cochlear implants! #CITalk”

Q means Question and A means Answer.

Feel free to respond to any tweets, in the #CITalk chat, not just the ones from Cochlear Implant Online.  It will be fun and a great opportunity to spread the awareness of cochlear implants and hearing loss!


Jimmie Sorrento

October 28, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Is this for “Cochlear ” brand recipients only
or is this for anyone with a CI?


October 28, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Hi Jimmie! It’s for all brands! This chat is not affiliated with any cochlear implant manufacturers. I hope you will join us!