#CITalk on Twitter this Sunday, January 8th!

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Cochlear Implant Online is taking a leap and being ahead of the technological curve by being the first to start a weekly chat on Twitter for the hearing loss community.

WHAT: Cochlear Implant Talk (#CITalk) – Twitter chat with a new topic each week

WHEN: Sundays, 3 PM EST/ 8 PM London / Mondays , 7 AM Sydney

WHERE: On Twitter! Search for the hashtag #CITalk or click here.

The next chat will be on January 8th and the topic will be “New Year’s Resolution.”


For those who are new to Twitter, this is the way the chat will work:

1. Search for the hashtag #CITalk or click here to to go to the chat page.

2. Be on the look out for 5 questions from Cochlear Implant Online’s Twitter - @CochlearImplant.

3. We will be asking 5 questions, one each about every ten minutes.

4. Answer the questions.  When answering the questions, it is imperative that you include “#CITalk” in your tweet so that your tweet will show up in the chat.  Also include A and the number proceeding to the question so we will know to which questions you are responding.  Here are examples:

Cochlear Implant Online asks on Twitter: “Q1. When did you first receive your cochlear implant? #CITalk”

A person responds: “A1. December 1989 #CITalk”

Cochlear Implant Online asks on Twitter: “Q2. Do you hear with one cochlear implant or two cochlear implants? #CITalk”

A person responds: “A2. Two cochlear implants! #CITalk”

Q means Question and A means Answer.

Feel free to respond to any tweets, in the #CITalk chat, not just the ones from Cochlear Implant Online.  It will be fun and a great opportunity to spread the awareness of cochlear implants and hearing loss!

Also, we are planning to have companies, organizations, and professionals sponsor some of the chats by being co-hosts with us and picking the topics and questions!  If you are a professional or part of an organization or company and would like to sponsor a chat, please contact us by clicking here!

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