Cochlear Annual Report 2012

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As Cochlear™’s Nucleus® and Baha recipients wonder what’s in the future for them in terms of sound processor upgrades and new strategies, Cochlear™ recently released their 2012 annual report, which does not only include financial information, but also provides some information about Cochlear™’s work for their current and future recipients.  Here is a snippet from the report about what’s in the future:

“Technologic innovation remains key, and research and development was up 10% to $119 million for F12. Technological building blocks, including new chipsets, new electrodes, wireless communication, transducers for acoustic implants, implantable microphones, implantable power sources and the like, form the basis for a range of products being developed.

Cochlear implantation as an intervention is very multidisciplinary, much more so than many other medical device areas, and placing Cochlear within a hearing precinct at Macquarie university helps ensure cochlear remains close to advances relevant to the field.” – p.9

The report also provided updated information relating to the latest recall on CI500 series:

“Cochlear has recently been notified by a number of Regulatory Authorities, including TGA, FDA and European Competent Authorities that all necessary actions associated with the recall have been completed and the recall is now considered closed. The CI500 series implant will be submitted for reapproval as soon as the ongoing redesign and revalidation work is complete.” – p. 13

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