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Brand Names

Currently, there are three brands of cochlear implants that are FDA approved for children and adults in the United States.  Below is information about each brand’s most current internal and external components.


Image provided courtesy of Advanced Bionics.

Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics’ current internal implant is the HiFocus™.  It coordinates with the external Naída CI Q70 sound processor, which is a BTE with detached battery option and the Neptune™ sound processor, which is a waterproof bodyworn system.


Image provided courtesy of Cochlear Americas ©2013 Cochlear Americas


Cochlear™’s current implant system is called the Nucleus® 6 or N6.  It includes the internal implant (CIRE24), two external processors (CP910 and CP920), and  two remote assistants.  The Nucleus® 6 sound processor has a variety of wearing configurations, including a detached battery option, compact battery BTE, and BTE.


Image provided courtesy of MED-EL.


MED-EL’s current cochlear implant system is called the Maestro.  Recipients have either the Concert, Sonata or Pulsar internal implant, which coordinates with the Opus2 sound processor or RONDO, an all-in-one headpiece sound processor, and FineTuner remote control.  The Opus2 sound processor can be reconfigured in a detached battery mode.

Brand Comparison Chart

If you would like to see an informative brand comparison chart, please click here to download it.*

*DISCLAIMER – This brand comparison chart is NOT affiliated with Cochlear™, MED-EL, and Advanced Bionics.  Please use it at your own discretion, and we still recommend consulting with the CI manufacturing companies, surgeons, and audiologists to get more information.