Where do I start? – I am a parent of a child with hearing loss

Learning about your child’s diagnosis of deafness is certainly not a piece of a cake for anybody. It’s not just about going through a process of grief, but also figuring out how to take a different path in raising your child. Parents of Rachel, the founder of Cochlear Implant Online, were in the same shoes over 20 years ago when they first learned about Rachel’s deafness and were nearly left clueless about it. In those days, there was no internet. Rachel’s parents had to go to the library, make numerous phone calls, and travel all over the northeast of the US to talk to several people to do their research to figure out which path was the best for her. Now since there is internet, Cochlear Implant Online is here to provide you information with an instant click of the mouse:

  1. Visit My Baby’s Hearing and BEGINNINGS to  learn how to take steps how to handle your newly diagnosed deaf child by learning more about methodology options to teach your child to communicate, school issues, audiology, and early intervention.
  2. Learn about the methods of teaching your deaf child to speak and hear well with cochlear implants by clicking here.
  3. Learn more about cochlear implants by clicking here.Visit your local clinic to learn more about cochlear implants. Click one of these links to locate a clinic: Advanced Bionics Clinics, Cochlear Clinics,and MED-EL Clinics. Learn about the cochlear implant process and how to choose the brand of cochlear implant that is right for your family.
  4. Meet with a professional to learn how to teach your child to hear and speak. Click here to locate a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist.  If there is no LSLS Cert. AVT in your area, CIO’s Elizabeth Rosenzweig MS CCC-SLP LSLS Cert. AVT can help!  Elizabeth provides auditory-verbal services to families around the world via teletherapy.
  5. Read and listen to stories from successful cochlear implant recipients who share their journey to hearing with cochlear implants.
  6. Join support groups such as CICircle, a Yahoo! group for parents of deaf children! Click here to see a list of support groups. Also, join the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and receive six months FREE for new parents
  7. Click here to find out what to do while waiting for your baby’s cochlear implant.