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Frequent Asked Questions

Where can I find the nearest cochlear implant clinic?

You can go to these following sites to find the nearest clinic:

Advanced Bionics Clinics

Cochlear™ Clinics

MED-EL Clinics


I have a product or service that I would like for you to promote on your website.

We receive many email solicitations for various products and services.  We regret that we are to able to respond to each inquiry.  The team at Cochlear Implant Online reviews each request and chooses a limited number of products to promote.


Where can I find an AV therapist?

Visit AG Bell Academy’s website: Click here

I need funding for my or my child’s implant surgery and processor. How can I get help?

The best place to start is connecting with these organizations, Let Them Hear Foundation and Gift of Hearing Foundation.

We do not provide any funding since Cochlear Implant Online is merely an online resource.

Where can I meet other cochlear implant recipients besides here on Cochlear Implant Online?

Click here to check out a big list of many other existing online support groups!  Many of these sites help to connect CI users around the world, and you may find others in your region or people who would like to communicate online.

Which cochlear implant brand should I go for?

There are many different factors to consider, and each brand has its pros and cons. The exact specifications can be found on the manufacturers’ websites, and you can also find basic information by clicking here and a brand comparison chart to use at your own discretion by clicking here. I would add that it is also important to consider with which brand your surgeon and audiologist are most experienced. Remember, the CI is just a tool — it’s the auditory rehabilitation that you receive after the activation that will help you receive the best results.

Should I go for bilateral implantation or not?

Click here for information on the benefits of going for bilateral implantation.