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I Can Hear You Short Film

August 24th, 2012 by | | Comments Off

An award-winning screenwriter and a parent of a child who has been positively impacted by cochlear implants is fundraising through Kickstarter to create a film exploring how advanced hearing technologies can help children with hearing loss learn to hear and speak.

Here is an excerpt about the film:

Our film project I Can Hear You explores the emotional obstacles parents face when they get an unexpected diagnosis of hearing loss for their child.  I Can Hear You is a powerful film from the creators of The Highly Observant Bill White and Left Bank Bookseller.

Families can overcome tremendous challenges involving disabilities when they get the right help.  Based on a true story, the parents in I Can Hear You at first do not know where to turn when they find out their daughter is profoundly deaf.   What options do they have?

The family makes some calls, many calls, and connects with professionals who guide them … to evaluations, to audiologists, to doctors and to speech and language specialists.  Still, they have no experience with this disability and do not know what to expect.  If their goal is teach their daughter to communicate in the speaking world, what can they do?   

I Can Hear You will explore how parents can get the professional help they need from audiologists, surgeons and speech and language therapists.

Click here to donate funds to help produce the film!  If they do not reach their goal, they will not receive the funds and the film will not be made.

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