Julianne’s Story: A Parent’s View

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I met Julianne at the 2010 AG Bell Convention.  She immediately impressed me with how she and her husband have turned their own family’s struggles and successes raising a child with severe-to-profound hearing loss into the inspiration for helping other families in the same situation.  They even have their own blog, where they seek to reDEAFine hearing loss in the 21st century!

In this video interview, she very honestly shares how she felt when she learned that her daughter, Jordan, was deaf, and how she is feeling today as the parent of a bilaterally implanted, listening, talking preschooler!

Thank you, Julianne, for sharing your story!

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Elizabeth Rosenzweig MS CCC-SLP LSLS Cert. AVT is a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist. She provides auditory verbal therapy, aural rehabilitation, IEP advocacy, consultation, and LSLS mentoring for clients around the world via teletherapy. You can learn more about Elizabeth's services on her Website or Facebook.

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November 4, 2010 at 4:04 pm

That was great listening to you speak about Jordan. Jordan is just wonderful…. and I love hearing her sing. I hope other parents learn from you and Chris and are able to help their children.