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Often times, when parents first learn about the diagnoses of their child’s deafness, they feel hopeless about their child’s future.  Many children who receive cochlear implants at an early age and appropriate therapy go on to have successful lives in the hearing world where they communicate with an ease with the general population.

There are also those who suddenly lose their hearing later in life and often feel discouraged about their future too.  Many late-deafened people also receive cochlear implants and jump right back to their normal lives.

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While the cochlear implants are EXTREMELY RELIABLE today, they can malfunction at some point in one’s life.  That does not mean that the journey of miracle of hearing is over.  They can receive a new cochlear implant and jump right back to their normal lives.  Here are stories of two cochlear implant recipients’ encounters with cochlear implant failure.

Rachel C.’s Cochlear Implant Failure Experience

Robyn C.’s Cochlear Implant Failure Experience