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Parents’ Journeys

  • Melissa Chaikof – Melissa, mother to Rachel and Jessica, talks about raising deaf children with the Auditory-Verbal approach in the early days of cochlear implants for children.
  • Rhonda Savage – Rhonda discusses discovering her son’s hearing loss when he was eighteen months old and the decisions she faced as a parent of a child with hearing loss.
  • Robin Byers – Robin’s daughter, Keira, was adopted from Vietnam.  When Keira came home to the United States, her learned that she was profoundly deaf and she received her first cochlear implant at eighteen months of age.
  • Deaf Mom of Two Deaf Children - A deaf mother who signs and speaks and chose cochlear implants for her children with hearing loss talks about raising a new generation of deaf children.
  • Deaf Parent of a Deaf Child - A Deaf parent whose primary language is ASL shares her story of deciding to get her son bilateral cochlear implants and teaching him listening and spoken language.

  • Mary-Beth Goodwin - Mary Beth is the mother of two children who are deaf due to Connexin 26.  She shares her story of raising two children who are learning to listen and talk.
  • Debbi Culp-Hook – Debbi is a mom of a son who is deaf but is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient and has Asperger’s syndrome.  She shares her story of overcoming obstacles in raising a child with additional disabilities.
  • Amy L. – Amy shares her journey of raising a son with hearing loss and autism.  She speaks about the obstacles of finding ways to provide her son, Andrew, the best tools to treat both of his disabilities and to ensure the Andrew can meet his fullest potential.
  • Damian Quinn’s Mom - Damian’s mom shares her son’s journey from going deaf to becoming one of the first pediatric cochlear implant recipients in Australia.
  • Malky H. - Malky is a deaf parent who is married to a deaf man and is raising two deaf children with bilateral cochlear implants.