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News Round-Ups: FDA approves Naida Q70, Music Seminar, Guatemala Trip, Scholarship for CI2013, and more…

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Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss is seeking Listening and Spoken Language Specialists with classroom experience to help launch a training program in Guatemala in November, 2013. The Global Foundation team of volunteer professionals will be training 65 Guatemalan audiology technicians, teachers, and therapists and 25 families about how to help young children with hearing loss make use of hearing technology and learn to listen and talk. The training session will take place in Xela, Guatemala and run from November 25 – December 6, 2013. Travel expenses will be covered. Spanish language fluency is not required. If you are a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist with classroom experience, a spirit of adventure, and a passion for sharing knowledge with others, we hope to hear from you! Please email Executive Director Paige Stringer at for more information. Deadline to apply: September 13, 2013.

The Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss is hosting a web conference this Saturday, September 7 on “Listening and Making Music with a Hearing Loss: Issues for Cochlear Implant Users.”  This conference is designed for audiologists, consumers and musicians with hearing loss. Register today! Registration closes September 6.

The FDA has finally approved Advanced Bionics’s new sound processor, Naida Q70.  Advanced Bionics recipients who received the cochlear implant in the past few months during the new sound processor promotion offer are now able to order the new sound processor.  While other Advanced Bionics recipients who have HiRes90K or CII can’t order it now, they will be able to do it very shortly.  As soon as information about it becomes available, it will be posted here.  Naida Q70 is not available to C1 and C1.2 patients at the moment.  According to Advanced Bionics, they are continually to work on creating new technologies for C1 and C1.2 patients.

Check out a cool video on Naida Q70.

Check out an interesting research about hearing abilities that develop in utero. This study shows why early identification and early intervention are KEY for children with hearing loss to help them build auditory brains and close the gap!

If you live in Atlanta or anywhere near the city, meet Jacob on September 13th at the Braves game!  Click here for more information.

Are you a graduate student or a young investigator in hearing sciences who wish to pursue clinical practice and/or research in cochlear implantation? Apply for a scholarship to attend CI 2013 Conference in DC in October!

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Donald Fitz

September 17, 2013 at 5:46 pm

I’m 82 I received a cochlear for my left ear in July 2013. I work as an engineer for the state of Texas. I was informed I only understood 37 % of the words I heard. My hearing has inproved, but I want it to get better. Tomorrow I go back to Southwest Medical Center in Dallas for an adjustment, an to learn how the phone (Spanner) operates. I did have a spanner that connected my two hearing aids to the cell phone. I would like to receive all of the information that is available to help me train/understand the words I’m hearing. My job has me meeting new people every week some with accents hard to understand. Thanks.