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News Round-Ups: New Aqua Accessories, Marion Downs turned 100, Obamacare, and more…

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Competition is getting more intense as Advanced Bionics announced on their website that they will be releasing an Aqua Accessory for Naida CI Q70 and Cochlear also announced on their website that they will be releasing a new Aqua Accessory with a better design.

Are you a high school student who would like to meet other high school students with hearing loss? Apply to AGBell LOFT, a great week-long summer program for teens! Application is due by February 26!

Marion Downs, a pioneer of universal newborn hearing screening, turned 100 this past month — and she’s still an active advocate for children with hearing loss!

Learn about cochlear implant coverage under Obamacare through a FREE recorded webinar on Audiology Online.

Jane Madell, an audiologist, shares that there is a shortage of pediatric audiologists and explains how this situation can negatively impact children with hearing loss and how it can be solved.

A Cochlear employee shares some really fascinating information about Cochlear’s history in developing their products.

Cochlear loses $131.2 Million Lawsuit over Advanced Bionics Patents.  Click here and here to see the two patents that the article was talking about.

MED-EL shares how their cochlear implant electrodes are made and great up close pictures of their electrode array on their blog.

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