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News Round-Ups: New Products from MED-EL, Cochlear’s CI500 series back on the market, and more…

June 18th, 2014 by | Tags: , , , | 1 Comment »

MED-EL released a new internal cochlear implant, SYNCHRONY, and external sound processor, SONNET.  SYNCHRONY will allow recipients to have an MRI up to 3.0 Tesla without the removal of the magnet.  Please keep in mind that while the CE has approved recipients with the SYNCRONY cochlear implant to have an MRI up to 3.0 Tesla without the removal of the magnet in Europe, the FDA will need to approve too to allow it for recipients with the SYNCRONY cochlear implant in the US.  SONNET offers many new features which includes auto-volume control, wind noise reduction, dual microphones, datalogging and a water resistance rating (IP54).  Both SYNCRONY and SONNET have not yet been FDA approved in the US, but they have received the CE approval in Europe.

MED-EL also released their own accessory to make RONDO waterproof, WaterWear.  It is not yet FDA approved in the United States.

Scientists at Western Ontario University are exploring the ways in which auditory deprivation leads to restructuring of the brain.

Cochlear’s Nucleus 5 internal cochlear implant which will now be called Cochlear Nucleus Profile, will be back in the market in Europe. It will also be back in other countries once it receives regulatory approvals.

A professor of communication disorders and a bilingual speech-language pathologist shares studies showing that deaf children can learn more than one spoken languages and speaking in more than one languages does not hinder the language development.


1 Comment

Joe Risha

July 12, 2014 at 1:40 am

It could take some time to get the new CI FDA approved. Sonnet sounds great. My concern is having severe Hyperacusis with the Sonnet having an automatic gain control.
Would the Maestro using both the Rondo at times and using the opus at other times. It seems like I might have more control but you could inform me if I am wrong.