News Round-Ups: Switched at Birth, New Film, and More…

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Switched at Birth Update:  *SPOILER ALERT*  Lizzy Weiss, the creator of the show recently tweeted that a character will be getting a cochlear implant this season.  Katie Leclerc, who plays Daphne, mentioned in an interview that her character will have a cochlear implant in an upcoming episode, episode 15, that will show “what if” she was raised by the Kennishes.

While I initially believed that the “character with the cochlear implant” was going to be in only in the “what if” episode, according to a somewhat reliable spoiler website, it mentions that in episode 19 of this season 2, a character will get a cochlear implant.  If this spoiler is correct, I am predicting that it will be Emmett’s dad because the actor who plays him, Anthony Natale, has a cochlear implant in real life.  Someone who works for the show tweeted a picture of Marlee Matlin and Anthony together and said, “Who wants them to be back together?”  Unfortunately, I cannot find the tweet to share.  It might have been deleted.

EDIT 6/21/2013: I found the picture of Marlee and Anthony together.

A parent of a child with a cochlear implant tweeted to Lizzy Weiss and told her that she hopes that cochlear implants are not going to be put in a bad light in one upcoming episode of Switched at Birth that will be featuring a character with a cochlear implant. Lizzy responded and said, “Nope, not at all.” We hope this is really true.

95 Decibles: A parent of a child with a cochlear implant who is a filmmaker and an award-winning screenwriter created a film, 95 Decibles, about parents’ experiences in raising a child with hearing loss and hearing with a cochlear implant.  The film will be premiered in New Jersey on September 27th.  There will also be a private screening at the ACI Alliance Conference in Washington DC on October 24th.  Here is a trailer of the film with captions:

As soon as I get more information about the premiering in New Jersey and purchasing a DVD, I will share them here.

A health insurance will not cover cochlear implants for a candiate: It is hard to believe that in this day and age, candidates for cochlear implants are still fighting for health insurance coverage for cochlear implants. A deaf child has been denied by United Healthcare for a cochlear implant surgery because the health insurance says it’s an “elective surgery.” Sign a petition to ask United Healthcare cover a cochlear implant surgery for a deaf child.

Advanced Bionics will release more new sound processors and internal cochlear implants: According to the latest Sonova investor report, Advanced Bionics is still planning to release new sound processors and internal cochlear implants in 2014 and 2015.

Take a survey: Have you attended therapy through Skype or webcam? Or do you dream of being able to do it? Take a survey to share your thoughts on attending therapy online.

MED-EL recipients in the US can now have an MRI without the removal of internal magnets: The FDA approves the use of MRI up to 1.5 tesla for recipients who have MED-EL’s internal cochlear implants without the need to surgically remove the internal magnets. We will post more details shortly.



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