Survey: How to make hearing aids and implants more affordable

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A research group from Leipzig University in Germany is calling people with hearing loss to take a survey:

We are a health economics research group at Leipzig University, Germany. Currently we are working on the project titled “How to make hearing aids and implants more affordable”.

We would like to ask you to help us with the data collection for our research by filling out the questionnaire. Please could you publish the link on your blog?

The link to the questionnaire is:


The questionnaire is anonymous. We do not ask deaf and hard of hearing anything that can identify them. The only things we are interested in are: the type of the hearing loss they  have, general demographic information, their experience with hearing instruments and implants,  and how they bought or would like to buy a hearing instrument or an implant.

Using the answers, we are going to develop recommendations for ministries of health and insurance companies in different countries. We are willing to send you those recommendations  once they are developed.

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