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Whether you’ve been hard of hearing all your life or are adjusting to life as a late-deafened adult, navigating the workforce with hearing loss can be a challenge.  How can you manage job interviews, communication […]

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I’ve written before about difficult listening situations: large group presentations, meetings at work, crowded restaurants, but one that comes up most frequently for students with hearing loss is the dreaded cafeteria.  The room is often an […]

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Rachel’s Update

I have some exciting personal news to share with the community. The video is closed caption. Just click on “CC.”*     Elizabeth also has some exciting news to share too. Please stay tuned. *If […]

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About seven years ago, I received an email from a deaf mother, which was sent through this website, Cochlear Implant Online.  She told me that she grew up learning to speak and communicate in sign […]

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In the past month, I’ve had some incredible opportunities to spend time with a group of children I don’t often see — children with typical hearing — teaching them about hearing loss and how better […]

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We’ve written quite a bit about how to appeal to your insurance for a cochlear implant -upgrade- new processor, but what if the insurance company turns you down before you even get out of the […]

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A couple years ago, a mom of a child with a cochlear implant set out a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to produce a film about a family learning about their child’s deafness and going […]

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Human Rights Watch, a very well-known human rights organization, recently launched an initiative to ensure that all deaf children have access to education in sign language without realizing that deaf children do have the option to […]