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Bethany Miller: Advocating for Cochlear Implants

Bethany Miller is a young adult cochlear implant recipient who is very passionate about advocating for cochlear implants.  She created a few videos sharing her experiences about hearing with cochlear implants.  She was born profoundly […]

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Spread the word! Make cochlear implants known in 2013!

Help us make cochlear implants known in 2013! As part of the Better Hearing and Speech month celebration, we created a video to help you realize how many people are missing out on the greatest […]

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PHOTO CREDIT: Jacob's Ride

Jacob will be in Boston this coming Monday, April 22nd!  While all tickets for the baseball game is sold out, you can still meet Jacob and make a difference by attending a reception the State […]

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Help parents of newly diagnosed deaf children in Florida ensure they receive access to educational resources about early intervention programs and information about all communication methods by signing a petition on Change.org to support the […]

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An article on access to cochlear implantation in select countries has been recently published.   While the statistics consistently show that only 5% of all people, both adults and children, who are qualified for cochlear implants are […]

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This Wednesday’s word isn’t really a word, it’s an acronym.  FAPE means Free and Appropriate Public Education.  Under United States law, students with disabilities ages three to twenty-one are entitled to a Free and Appropriate […]

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Top 10 Posts in 2012: Aqua Accessory Review Concerns about Toys R Us RONDO MED-EL Receives FDA Approval for Rondo Batteries will no longer be available for Cochlear Implant Recipients (APRIL’S FOOL JOKE) Cochlear Implant Process […]

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November is National Adoption Month in the U.S., and each year at CIO we celebrate this month by helping to raise awareness of the many waiting children with hearing loss in need of families around […]