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Jessica, my sister who is also a bilateral cochlear implant recipient, has been mainstreamed at a local public high school that just so happens to have a large program for deaf students in metro-Boston area. […]

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Written by Crystine Kim “Listen to Your Heart”, an award-winning independent film, presents a tearjerker and romantic storyline and a deaf character who eventually receives a cochlear implant.  Watching the film makes me cry, laugh […]

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Written by Lisa Joiner As a young woman in college, I majored in Deaf Education. I had seen a musical production at another college where the songs were in sign language. I thought it beautiful. […]

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Bethany Miller: Advocating for Cochlear Implants

Bethany Miller is a young adult cochlear implant recipient who is very passionate about advocating for cochlear implants.  She created a few videos sharing her experiences about hearing with cochlear implants.  She was born profoundly […]

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Kris Martin is a cochlear implant recipient from Canada and learned to hear and speak with the Auditory-Verbal approach. He dreams to become a NASCAR race car driver and finds that his cochlear implant helps […]

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Jasmine is a young adult cochlear implant recipient who was born profoundly deaf due to Usher Syndrome.  She is currently training in track and field to participate in the Deaf Olympics in Sofia, Bulgaria.  She […]

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PHOTO CREDIT: Jacob's Ride

Jacob is a cochlear implant recipient who is riding a bike across the country and will be stopping at all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums to fundraise money for those who cannot afford cochlear implants.  I […]

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Ruth is getting her cochlear implant programmed with Wendy, an audiologist.

Ruth had progressive hearing loss and first received her cochlear implant in 1986.  She plays the violin and was a librarian and a special education teacher. In 1986, I was lost and without hope for […]