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Talking on the phone with WSP connected to phone via a special phone cable

Margo lost hearing in her left ear when she was a child and then lost hearing in her right ear as an adult.  She first received her cochlear implant in 1989.  Today, she is a […]

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Lisa on the right and her brother on the left.

Lisa Munson was born with hearing loss and grew up with hearing aids. She went to Clark School for the Deaf in Northampton, MA for five years and then she was mainstreamed at her local […]

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My name is Malory and I received a Cochlear Nucleus 5 cochlear implant on September 27, 2010. No one knows if I was born hearing or deaf.  When I was born two weeks early in Kansas City, Missouri at […]

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Back Camera

Last year Mark Campbell, a bilateral cochlear implant recipient who formerly worked for Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary as an audiologist, shared his story with Cochlear Implant Online about his experiences as an audiologist with hearing […]

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Sarah with Heather Whitestone McCallum, Miss America 1995.

Meet Sarah Vojnovich, who was born prematurely and received a cochlear implant as a teenager while she and her parents battled against culturally Deaf community’s protests in her receiving the cochlear implant. I was born […]

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Lisa and Inca, her guide dog

Lisa Baldock is a binaural Neurelec cochlear implant recipient from the UK.  Binaural cochlear implant is a cochlear implant system that has two electrode arrays, one for each ear, with one internal computer chip and […]

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Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 3.36.32 AM

Gage and Brook are two very active deaf children who speak and hear with cochlear implants.  Check out a video of them showing how well they communicate and interact with other people through hearing and […]

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Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 3.37.07 AM

Abbie Hlavack was born with EVAS and started to lose hearing at the age of thee years old.  She grew up with hearing aids and then received a cochlear implant when she lost all of […]