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The world is about to be doomed!  I just received reports several days ago from battery manufacturing companies that the metallic chemical elements such as Lithium and Zinc used to produce both disposable and rechargeable batteries […]

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There was recent news on a child’s processor being stolen at a recreation center.  This is an ordeal that NO cochlear implant recipients want to live through because it’s tough to live without hearing, and it’s […]

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Today, I was stopped at a red light, enjoying my music, when my eyes were drawn to the license plate of the car stopped in front of me: “RDLIPS” !!!  Read lips, you think?  I […]

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Because I have been out of the picture on this blog for months, I know that some are thinking, “Where in the world is Rachel?”  My three and a half month trip to Europe made […]

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Getting soaked in the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean Sea, licking ice cream, visiting Mount Olympus, and shopping in Thessaloniki with Vivie, a cochlear implant user from Greece, are all the adventures which I’m currently living. Yesterday, […]

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Tonight’s episode of the Fox network’s television show “House” featured a story about a deaf (probably considers him self Deaf?) high school wrestler who develops some mysterious symptoms.  Sounds like a case for Dr. House […]

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After my big bear claws came out, I think I need to blog about something that most deaf people can relate to, share and have a nice conversation without a debate, unless someone decides to […]

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A deaf student was left in the rain by the bus driver according to this article… When I was in sixth grade, I was attending a middle school that was out-of-district for the hearing impaired […]