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A Twitter chat about cochlear implants and music.

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This is a continuation of the blog by Anne Heian on Cochlear Implant Symposium in Chicago – click here for Part 1. This day I knew the drill and was in time for a nice […]

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Last night, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Glee concert and hear sensational music from the cast of the show.  For those who are not familiar with Glee, it is popular American TV […]

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The woman behind the music of the History of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation video clip, Blue O’Connell shares her story of her journey to hearing with cochlear implants as a musician. Many years ago I had […]

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Learn how you, as cochlear implant recipients, can enjoy music and listen to Richard Reed, a musician and cochlear implant recipient, play music at select cities! Click here for more information about the event in […]

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Without the miraculous technology, cochlear implants, Blue O’Connell wouldn’t have been able to hear the sounds of her playing a guitar.  While Blue is able to achieve an incredible feat for someone with hearing loss […]

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MED-EL has been tweeting several good advice about hearing well with cochlear implants and facts about hearing loss. Their latest tweet inspired me to write a little post: Tip 1: Make sure sound quality is good. […]

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