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It’s my favorite time of the (every other) year — AG Bell Convention time!  Ever since my first convention back in 2012, this event has been the highlight of my (every other) summer.  For me, […]

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Have you ever read a post on Cochlear Implant Online and thought, “Wow!  I wish I could have a therapist like that to work with my child!”? Well, now you can!  We often receive requests […]

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2013 has been a big year for the cochlear implant industry as three major cochlear implant manufacturers released new sound processors.  The market share has been shaking up as Advanced Bionics takes some share from […]

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An excellent article shares how parents can encourage early language development by focusing on talking with their children.  Research is showing that children perform better in school when their parents provide them greater verbal input of […]

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News Round-Ups: FDA approves Naida Q70, Music Seminar, Guatemala Trip, Scholarship for CI2013, and more…

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss is seeking Listening and Spoken Language Specialists with classroom experience to help launch a training program in Guatemala in November, 2013. The Global Foundation team of volunteer professionals […]

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News Round-Ups: Jacob Landis is named as “The Best Person in Sports,” Senator Kay Hagan visits UNC, and more…

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing wrote a great letter to The Atlantic to clarify the misinformation that was presented in the article, “Understanding Deafness: Not Everyone Wants to Be ‘Fixed.’“ A cochlear […]

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Cochlear™ filed for an FDA approval of the hybrid cochlear implant, a cochlear implant system designed for people with high frequency hearing loss. This system includes an internal device, Hybrid™ L24, which has a shorter and […]

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Click here to see the official statement from the FDA.  Cochlear™ Americas has not made an official announcement yet. As soon as the information about purchasing the new Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor becomes available, we’ll […]