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Cooking is a great thing to do in therapy for many reasons.  It’s a hands-on, multi-sensory experience that most children really enjoy.  Making food is part of any child’s everyday routine, it’s engaging, and you […]

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We know that getting a cochlear implant is not an instant fix.  Speech, language, and listening skills do not magically appear after activation, and progress is on everyone’s minds.  How does progress happen?  How much is […]

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A lot of attention in the AVT world is focused on infants and toddlers — detecting hearing loss at birth, fitting them hearing technology ASAP, and getting their families off to a running start with listening and […]

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Due to family schedules, it’s usually the same parent or caregiver who is able to attend therapy with the child each week. Each session, this “present parent” receives coaching, modeling, and guidance in becoming their […]

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Psychologist Lev Vygotsky is credited with identifying the concept of the “Zone of Proximal Development.”  This “ZPD” is the area between what a learner can do without help and what a learner can do with […]

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Hearing is an incredible gift, and one that people with hearing loss and their families do not take for granted.  Here are some ideas for how to make your “Hearing Birthday” (the anniversary of your/your […]

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Learning to use the toilet is a big developmental milestone for toddlers, and a big challenge for parents!  How can parents successfully navigate this age and stage, especially when you add hearing loss to the […]

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We’ve all met “That Kid.”  The one who has seemingly endless energy.  The one you have to brace yourself for before he enters the room.  The one who can never, ever seem to sit still […]