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I have a confession: I love mistakes.  I love when kids make them, I love when parents make them, and I even love when I make them, too!   As hard as it is for a […]

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If you’re looking for our Ultimate College Guide for university students or high schoolers with hearing loss considering post-secondary education, click HERE.  If you’re interested in information for preschool through high school students with hearing […]

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Imagine a sapling in a tiny greenhouse. The greenhouse is a small, protective place for new plants.  The elements are controlled, the four walls all around block out the noise, and little plants are perfectly […]

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Helping hand shakes another in an agreement

Some relationships in life we get to choose, but others are chosen for us.  When parents discover that their child has a hearing loss and select a communication outcome for their family, they are plunged […]

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Parents of children with hearing loss face the challenge of explaining their child’s deafness to extended family members all year long, but the holiday season, with its endless get-togethers and celebrations, often brings these conflicts […]

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The holidays are coming!  The holidays are coming!  Are you ready to hear your best in the whirl of party chatter, festive sounds, and seasonal noise?  Here are some tips to help you hear your […]

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Cochlear Implant Online and Lehnhardt-Akademie would like to invite parents and recipients to join our next external global expert in the cycle of LIVE webinars on Sunday, March 3rd at  11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT.  We would also […]

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Are you an Auditory-Verbal parent or a professional in Auditory-Verbal Practice? Join this great new group started by two Auditory-Verbal parents: Auditory-Verbal Parents In Touch Over the World!  The group has over 300 members as […]