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Zeng 2012 Lab

Dr. Fan-Gang Zeng, Ph.D. researcher at University of California – Irvine, researched and created a cochlear implant known as Nurotron that is being developed in China. He shares invaluable information about the Chinese cochlear implant.  While Nurotron […]

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What inspired you to become an Auditory-Verbal therapist? I was a teacher by profession and had alway taught in mainstream classrooms in the city of Toronto.  In my 7th year of teaching, I went on […]

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Things come full circle.  In 2008, I was walking around the exhibit hall at the AG Bell Convention in Milwaukee.  I heard a voice call out to me, “Wait… you don’t work in Deaf Education, […]

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Shelly Ash is a cochlear implant audiologist at All Children’s Hospital in Florida.  She shares her story about why she become an audiologist and her experiences in being an audiologist. Growing up, I didn’t know […]

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Lori Murphy is a teacher of the deaf who is also a cochlear implant recipient. She also worked with Krista Donaldson, one of the first children in Canada to receive a cochlear implant. The grass […]

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Mark Campbell is both a bilateral cochlear implant recipient and a cochlear implant audiologist at Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston. I interviewed him to hear his story of being both a cochlear implant […]

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These articles are reposted from the reports I did for the AG Bell Convention 2010′s Official Blog.  I am reposting them here for readers who did not see them “live” during the Convention and so […]

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The hearing loss community is so unbelievably small!  There is a real sense of six degrees of separation.  Last Tuesday, I met Monica, the blogger of Speak Up, as she was in my hometown for […]