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In kindergarten to twelfth grade, you have an IEP—Individualized Education Program—that is run by a team of teachers. Back when I was in high school, I used to have yearly IEP meetings with my Teacher […]

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Cooking is a great thing to do in therapy for many reasons.  It’s a hands-on, multi-sensory experience that most children really enjoy.  Making food is part of any child’s everyday routine, it’s engaging, and you […]

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Many auditory verbal techniques are not rocket science.  They’re simple suggestions and tweaks to your everyday routines — little changes that can make a BIG difference in your child’s ability to listen and talk.  What’s […]

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I often hear from frustrated parents, “My child knows A, my child knows B, so why on earth can’t she make a sentence with A and B together?  I’m pulling my hair out!”  Moving from […]

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Hearing technology can provide incredible access to sound for speech, language, cognitive, and social development.  However, one of the most basic reasons people choose hearing aids, cochlear implants, or Baha devices for themselves or for […]

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From babies to seniors, if there is someone with hearing loss on your gift list this year, check out these suggestions to help you pick the perfect present.      For babies, toddlers, and children: Check […]

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When an infant or toddler first receives hearing technology, it’s an exciting day!  Shortly after, though, parents want to know, “When will he start to talk?”  Stop and listen for a minute.  Do you hear […]

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I’ve written before about difficult listening situations: large group presentations, meetings at work, crowded restaurants, but one that comes up most frequently for students with hearing loss is the dreaded cafeteria.  The room is often an […]