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Last night, the children’s news program Nick News with Linda Ellerbee was all about kids who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The program featured stories from five different tweens/teens who represented a variety of […]

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After watching the end of Sound and Fury, who would ever guess that Heather Artinian would grow up to be a remarkable young woman who speaks so eloquently and hears with bilateral cochlear implants?  While […]

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Creating an incredible product that changes the lives of thousands people around the world does not happen overnight.  Cochlear Implant Online presents an exclusive interview with Dr. Ingeborg and Professor Erwin Hochmair, founders of global […]

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I wrote an essay for my high school’s Martin Luther King essay contest.  We had to choose a hero who resembles Martin Luther King.  I chose Graeme Clark. For a long time the world was […]

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Carmen Meissner, a high school student who is a cochlear implant recipient, guest starred a small role on the first episode of Switched at Birth as a student at the Carlton School for the Deaf. […]

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  I had the pleasure to interview Heather Artinian from an Academy Award nominated film, Sound and Fury.  As many people saw in the follow up film, Sound and Fury: Six Years Later, Heather received a […]

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The Hand Cue is one of the most hotly debated and contentious aspects of Auditory-Verbal Therapy.  What is the Hand Cue? The Hand Cue consists of: the therapist, parent or caregiver covering his/her mouth briefly, […]

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On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a presentation on Auditory-Verbal Therapy by the esteemed Warren Estabrooks, M.Ed., Dip.Ed.Deaf, LSLS Cert. AVT, President and CEO of WE Listen International, Inc. Like all great presentations, […]