Unbelievable Map Change

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“Beep…Beep…BEEP”  I was sitting in the audiology room for a MAP tweak up.  Last Tuesday, I had an audiology appointment to ensure that my MAP was in good shape before I take off for a four month trip to Europe.  My audiologist made a few minor adjustments in the thresholds.  Once my MAP was completed, and the audiologist turned the processor on, the sounds sounded good to me, and I felt that I could comprehend very well.  Normally, I cannot notice too much change in the MAP until I leave the office when I hear more than just what I hear in the office, such as traffic noise, people babbling in the waiting room, talking to friends in restaurants, etc.

Last Wednesday night, my mother called the house, and Jessica and I both answered the phone.  “I’m stopping by Arby’s.  Do you want anything?”  My mother asked.

“Nothing for me,” I told her and hung up the phone.

I was in my room and working on my computer, and Jessica was in her room down the hall.

“What do you want Jessica?” asked our mom.

“I want chicken and curly fries.” said Jessica.

“Ok.  You want chicken and curly fries?” said our mom.

“Yes, and when are you coming home?” asked Jessica.

“I’ll be home shortly.” said our mom.

The next thing I realized was that not only could I hear clearly Jessica talking to our mom, but also, since Jessica was talking to our mom on the speaker phone, I could HEAR CLEARLY what my mother was saying!  Before this MAP change, I could hear and understand what other people were saying when they were in DIFFERENT rooms, but I was not able to hear clearly from an electronic device that was placed in a DIFFERENT room prior to this moment.  Now, with this MAP change, I can hear and comprehend sound from an electronic device at an even greater distance!

It’s amazing what a MAP change can do.  Even though I may feel that I’m hearing well, which is what I felt prior to attending my recent audiology appointment, it never hurts to go for another MAPping session anytime because I just never know what good outcomes could arise.

I have to add a little note – I can certainly credit Auditory-Verbal therapy because it trained me to hear and UNDERSTAND the sounds of WORDS at a greater distance and from a DIFFERENT room, and this scenario is an example.  Of course, a good MAP also plays an important role too.


July 6, 2008 at 9:01 am

Rachel, this is great. I always tell Gage and Brook when they get tired or bored during mapping, that they really need to focus so they can get a great map. My kids start to cheat towards the end of a session and say they hear the tones when they really don’t.
Being bilateral helps you also, Gage has a more difficult time on the phone using one ci whereas Brook hears great.


July 10, 2008 at 8:46 pm

Hi Val,

I can completely understand what your kids are going through with the mappings. It can be quite exhausting. Although, I learned over the years is that if I concentrate well, I’ll be done in no time! This past appointment lasted only about an hour total for both ears.