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Warren Estabrooks’ tips for soon-to-be professionals in the AV world

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Many of us who are part of the Auditory-Verbal world, whether we are CI users who learned to hear and speak utilizing the Auditory-Verbal approach or parents of deaf children who taught them to learn to hear and to speak utilizing the Auditory-Verbal approach or Auditory-Verbal professionals, can agree that Warren Estabrooks is the “god of the AV world.”  He is full of a sense of humor and gives us the great sounds of laughter, has written numerous books on Auditory-Verbal therapy, and has taught numerous deaf children to learn to hear and to speak.  He wrote a beautiful message on Todd Houston’s Facebook group, Graduate Studies Program in Auditory Learning & Spoken Language, and he graciously gave me his permission to post it on this website.

Most of what you learn, you will learn in the trenches doing therapy and making the “errors”. I have made thousands of them and still do and find myself on the floor with laughter after having done the same thing again.

Surround yourself with good examples. Take from them what works for your personality and leave the rest for someone else.

Don’t ever think there in only ONE right way. There many be many.

Do not be ever afraid to “take the road less travelled” and do not be afraid of change.

Because you learn to therapy one way, you may want to change it sooner rather than later.

Currently I am training professionals here in Tokyo and I love every second of it………and one day some of you will be travelling around the world to help other professionals, parents and their little ones to achieve the goals that they have in life.



April 11, 2009 at 12:56 am

Of course I have to add to that list….

“accept that sometimes parents do know best” : – )

May 17, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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