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I absolutely love picking up my RAZR cell phone, dialing the numbers, and making phone calls! My sister absolutely loves picking up the phone! When she was little, about three to five years old, she would dial our grandmother’s phone number every single day and have a fun chat with her. We love our grandmother as she’s definitely someone to speak with if our mom is not around.

Here’s Jessica on the phone when she was eight years old.

Talking on the phone was one of the great ways to practice listening for CI users and HAs users who wanted to use as much of their auditory input as possible. I just came across this cool new thing when I was surfing the net. Cochlear has telephone training for their recipients at this site. This seems to be a great tool for anyone who wants to practicing listening without any visual cues, including not only the telephone but also the radio.

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Just a mom to three boys

June 16, 2008 at 7:49 am

Since getting his CI in December, my son has also enjoyed talking on the phone….he liked it with his aids but just couldn’t “get” everything…now he has very little repeated and has quite interesting chats with others across the US. He uses the cell phone and home phone with no real issues. He uses the cell in our car on the interstate as well. If he doesn’t understand, he says “maam or sir” or the occasional “what”….you have to understand the “maam and sir” are by law here in the South a must. Just kidding. Val, he hasn’t taken a message yet :)

Hey, guess what he has a Freedom…maybe I can contact Cochlear and get a cut rate on those snugfits we use since I visited your site :)

August 18, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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