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Rachel’s Update

I have some exciting personal news to share with the community. The video is closed caption. Just click on “CC.”*     Elizabeth also has some exciting news to share too. Please stay tuned. *If […]

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About seven years ago, I received an email from a deaf mother, which was sent through this website, Cochlear Implant Online.  She told me that she grew up learning to speak and communicate in sign […]

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MED-EL released a new internal cochlear implant, SYNCHRONY, and external sound processor, SONNET.  SYNCHRONY will allow recipients to have an MRI up to 3.0 Tesla without the removal of the magnet.  Please keep in mind that […]

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Many deaf people often share stories with me about pulling out a “deaf card.”  Pulling out a “deaf card” means asking for accommodations only because one wants to receive special treatment or to be excused just simply because […]

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Morgan with her Aqua+

Morgan Dordal, a Nucleus cochlear implant recipient who lost most of hearing from bacterial meningitis at age 3 years and grew up with hearing aids, has been an active swimmer for a number of years. […]

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At Euro-CIU, a big cochlear implant conference in Budapest, Hungary, Cochlear presented their new Aqua+, a new version of Aqua Accessory and Advanced Bionics presented their Aqua Accessory that will be known as Aqua Case. […]

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Check out this very exciting article about a deaf baby being able to hear before he is born. LOS ANGELES, California (AP) – Expecting parents find out that their unborn child is going to be […]

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Cochlear’s Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is now available for upgrade to Nucleus 24 recipients.  Cochlear’s website has all the info about upgrading to the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor, and it includes information about the insurance […]