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This time of year, many parents ask me about how to choose the best toys for their child with hearing loss.  Here are a few tips: In general, less is more, and low-tech is better […]

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From the beginning, Rachel and Elizabeth have been dedicated to using the proceeds from “Ellie’s Ears” and “Happy Birthday to My Ears” to support non-profit organizations that align with our mission of helping children with […]

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Cochlear Implant Online is proud to host its first ever giveaway contest.  Lisa at Lisa’s Pieces, a shop at Etsy.com, is generously offering one of her beautiful spiral pendants to give away.  My mom purchased […]

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You know we have a long way to go in terms of hearing loss acceptance when you see hearing aids marketed like this…   The “Stealth SSA Sound Amplifier” is marketed as a “discrete alternative […]

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Cochlear Implant Online is proud to announce the debut of Elizabeth Boschini’s (author) and Rachel Chaikof’s (illustrator and bilateral CI recipient) book, Ellie’s Ears.   PRESS RELEASE – Today’s children with hearing loss may surprise […]

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T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, bumper stickers and many more merchandise created by Rachel! Profits will go to the Auditory-Verbal Center in Atlanta, Georgia. AVC turns away no child whose parents are unable to pay. Click on […]