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My mom and Sam’s mom met in the CI Circle many years ago and became friends. Sam and I had never met in person until we attended the AG BELL Leadership Opportunities for Teens Program […]

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This past summer at the Usher Syndrome International Conference, I met Clare W. Clare is a high school student and is very involved in her cheerleading squad. Clare has decided to share her experiences about cheerleading, […]

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Kris Martin is a cochlear implant recipient from Canada and learned to hear and speak with the Auditory-Verbal approach. He dreams to become a NASCAR race car driver and finds that his cochlear implant helps […]

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Jasmine is a young adult cochlear implant recipient who was born profoundly deaf due to Usher Syndrome.  She is currently training in track and field to participate in the Deaf Olympics in Sofia, Bulgaria.  She […]

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Ear Gear_Cochlear Implant_061912_7243

Several weeks ago, Ear Gear contacted me and asked me if I was interested in trying out their products, Ear Gear Cochlear Corded,  Ear Gear Cochlear Mono Corded, Ear Gear Cochlear Cordless, that claim to protect sound […]

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Written by Sara Bushong I have spent the past eleven plus years riding horses and I never really had a problem with a change in how I rode till about two years ago. In 2010 […]

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Charlotte New, a cochlear implant recipient, shares her experiences and tips on wearing helmets with her CI on her head. Really, I didn’t have any special adjustments. I just spent A LOT of time in […]

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Dacy Zacharias, a mother of two beautiful girls with bilateral cochlear implants and Cochlear™ Awareness Network Manager for Canada, not only shares her journey of raising her daughters with hearing loss, but also their experiences […]