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The Power of Conversations

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This is just a commercial  for a bank, but as a person who happens to have hearing loss, I can so can so relate to this video because it speaks about the power of conversations.  This commercial really hits the nail about how much impact we can create just by talking and why having the ability to use our voice is so important.

When watching the commercial and seeing how Rosa Parks changed the way we treat people by saying “No” with her voice on a bus and Neil Armstrong and his crew were able to reach the moon because they were able to communicate through their voices with the controllers in the US, it made me realize that by being able to simply move our mouths and produce sounds, we can truly create a tremendous change in the world.  I thought about other events where talking really changed the course of history and allowed people to overcome obstacles.  Martin Luther King Jr. used his voice to give “I have a dream” speech to fight against discrimination.  John F. Kennedy inspired many people to be involved in public services by telling Americans through his voice at his inauguration, “…my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

I can personally confirm that talking does bring in laughter.  When I watch “I Love Lucy,” I laugh simply because of the jokes I hear through Lucille Ball’s voice.  I also laugh when I hear funny dialogues on Saturday Night Live, Gilmore Girls, and The Daily Show.  When talking on the phone with friends and family members, I frequently laugh when they tell me jokes through their voice.

Talking does indeed bring people together, and I believe that many people do not realize it until they lose hearing or have a child with hearing loss.  When parents first learn about their children’s deafness, they grieve because they worry about how their children will be able to interact with their entire family.   Families often gather at the dinner table every night to discuss their day and news through their voices.  At family gatherings, we spend a great amount of time exchanging stories and jokes through our voices that often create laughter.  People with hearing loss who have no proper amplification often speak about how they despise going to family gatherings because they feel left out of the conversations.

I also thought of other moments where talking is truly important.  Talking keeps people updated with the latest news.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt shared updates about the latest issues in America during the Depression Era and World War II through fireside chats.  When people drive, they turn on the radio and hear people talking about the latest traffic reports and news.

At the end of the day, talking brings in a lot of joy because we can share our feelings, create laughter and change the history for the better.  Talking also makes the world a smaller place, as we can stay up-to-date with the latest news by hearing people talk on the radio and television.  This commercial is so beautifully made because it helps people realize that talking is more than just about moving our mouths.  It’s about creating meaningful communications, relationships and changes.


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